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Solid Arts and Science

An imagination-driven creative studio

creative content & music licensing/production

Solid Arts and Science is a full-service media studio focused on creative content & music licensing/production.

Founded in 2010 by James R. Tramontana, Solid Arts and Science is a hub for multifaceted projects spanning podcasts, music, books, and more.

Over the past 10+ years, James has conceived, written, produced, and published many fiction books, albums, podcasts, and other media that have surpassed well over 20,000 streams & downloads.

His debut novel, Ace Tucker Space Trucker, reached #1 on Amazon’s Sci-Fi – Time Travel category.

Major television networks like MTV, Fox, ABC, and ESPN have licensed his original music.

He has toured the United States many times in smelly vans. He saw a million faces, and he rocked them all.

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Creative content & music licensing/production.
Solid Arts and Science. Where art and science meet to create electrifying creative content.

Music Licensing

We offer an extensive catalog of quality original punk, metal and high energy rock music available for synch, master use, and production library licensing.

Music Production

Operating as an indie label, we produce full-length albums, EPs, and singles, specializing in the punk rock, metal, and high energy rock genres.

Books & Media

We publish fiction and nonfiction books as well as develop complementary media content, including podcasts, soundtracks, and visual art.

Podcasts & Storytelling

We develop and produce imaginative fictional narrative podcasts and interview-based shows.