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About Solid Arts And Science

Jim Tramontana leads the imagination-driven creative studio.


As the founder of Solid Arts and Science, James R. Tramontana’s goal is to inspire and entertain audiences through engaging stories and experiences.

Driven by his lifelong passion for storytelling and connecting with audiences, Solid Arts and Science launched in 2005. The platform serves as a central point for sharing creative works of fiction and nonfiction, including books, podcasts, music and other media.

Over the past 15+ years, James has written, produced, and published many acclaimed media projects across these creative fields.

He toured with various bands, composed over 200 songs, and licensed much of the Solid Arts and Science catalog for sync use in TV and movies.

James has written #1 bestselling novels, managed countless creative projects, and earned over 500,000 podcast downloads.

James brings his distinct artistic vision to every Solid Arts and Science release, guiding creative development from concept to completion.

He relentlessly explores new frontiers in technology to pioneer innovative production methods. But above all, James lives for immersive storytelling, face-melting music, and creative content creation.

An imagination-driven creative studio on a mission to escape the ordinary

our Mission Statement

Solid Arts and Science is an imagination-driven creative studio committed to producing and licensing entertaining music, books, podcasts and other media for audiences seeking an escape from the ordinary and content creators needing unique easy-to-license compositions. We quantify our success by the number of listeners, readers, users and licensees actively engaging with our artistic creations.

Our vision is to manifest imagination-driven creativity.

our Vision Statement

Our vision is to manifest imagination into impactful creations by converging infinite creativity with cutting-edge technology. We relentlessly pursue the future of imagination realized. Our expansive visions manifest as portals to new worlds, revealing endless possibilities. Join us in exploring imaginary realms made real through radical creativity.

An imagination-driven creative studio that blends art and science to create the amazing.

our Values

By blending art and science in the primordial pool of imagination, art can spark awe with the force of a supernova. We are driven to ride gravitational waves of creativity, forging cosmic realities from stardust dreams.