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“Christmas on the Autobahn” by CR8RFACE assaults the senses with a barrage of bizarre clips from obscure German television shows and surreal car commercials, edited at a frenetic pace.

As the pounding, jagged guitars rage along to a devastatingly heavy beat, old black-and-white footage shows cars racing through the streets on a unrelenting quest for holiday mayhem.

As the lyrics describe a hectic Christmas road trip on the autobahn, the video shows flashes of bizarre German television shows – expressionless children marching down streets, demonic figures terrorizing villages, deranged elves laughing maniacally as they crash luxury cars.

The nihilistic lyrics are accentuated by surreal clips of car commercials and strange holiday imagery.

As the lyrics describe chopping down Christmas trees and tying them to speeding cars, the pounding metal guitars rage on. The lights of Christmas trees blur into a hypnotic, nauseating spectacle of capitalist absurdity and yuletide dread. Every chorus hits with more flaming exhaust pipes and dangerous high-speed antics.

Finally, as civilization crumbles under the relentless, scorched-earth guitars, the video ends by crushing the last flickering embers of Christmas spirit into the frozen German earth.