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Producing an Audio Fiction Podcast single-handedly

Prepare Yourself for Ace Tucker Space Trucker!

Ace Tucker Space Trucker

Ace Tucker Space Trucker is an original sci-fi comedy fiction series created and produced by Jim Tramontana across mediums of podcasts, novels, and merchandise.

  • Inspired by an offhand idea in 2017 to create an audio fiction podcast in the style of old radio serials.
  • Jim handled the entire production independently – writing, voicing all characters, composing music, sound design. Listen to a sample now.
  • Season 1 was launched as a free podcast in 2017 and gained tens of thousands of downloads worldwide.
  • A novel adaptation reached #1 on Amazon’s Sci-Fi/Time Travel category after its 2018 release. Read a sample now.
  • Season 2 premiered in 2018 with self-contained episodic adventures.
  • Jim embarked on a blog tour and was featured on 10+ podcasts to discuss the unique cross-format production.
  • To date, the cinematic audio fiction podcast has reached hundreds of thousands of listeners spanning over 50 countries.
  • Print novels, merchandising, and mobile game apps expanded the brand.

This innovative multimedia fiction universe highlights Jim’s creative capabilities across writing, production, marketing and episodic storytelling. Ace Tucker Space Trucker shows the ability to transform imagination into an engaging listening experience that resonates with a broad audience.

Read an analysis of the launch strategy (PDF).

Ace tucker space trucker.
Ace tucker space trucker 2 the world of ice.
Ace tucker space trucker audio fiction podcast.

Fun Facts:

  • As sole creator, Jim provided voice acting for all 40+ characters featured across the series, creating unique voices and accents for each.
  • He executed sound design using a vast library of sound effects to construct immersive alien worlds and enhance the cinematic experience.
  • Jim composed an original score along with licensed tracks spanning rock, punk, metal and synthwave that complement the wacky sci-fi vibe.
  • Each 25-40 minute episode required 20-30 hours of work – writing scripts, voice acting, scoring, sound design, editing and mixing.
  • He implemented complex multi-track audio production techniques, including signal processing, EQ, compression, and effects.
  • Jim handled publishing and distribution across various podcast platforms and apps to maximize availability.
  • The series incorporates improvisation and experimental elements to maintain an engaging, unscripted feel.
  • Production techniques developed from season to season, incorporating more sophisticated editing, design and storytelling.
  • Editor’s choice selection by Tale Flick.
  • Considered for adaptation into a cartoon series by Adult Swim.
  • includes the Acepedia, a massive wiki filled with more information about the world of Ace Tucker than you can shake a chicken bone at.